Jarallah Shalal Ghaidan

1950born in Al – Yousifiya, IraqPortrait"
1956-1968school attendence; graduation from high school
1968-1974studies: law, English language and literature, Arabic;
graduation: bachelor of arts
1980escape from Iraq;
stays in Czechoslovakia, Morocco, Spain, Algeria
1981-1983English teacher in Algeria
1983immigration to Federal Republic of Germany
studies at the Technical University RWTH Aachen, Germany
occupation as artist
1992member of "Federal Association of Visual Artists" (BBK) Aachen, Germany
2000exhibition at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Germany (pavilion of Yemen)
2008life crisis; travel to Iraq
2011return to Germany, citizen of Hanover

Exhibitions (Extract)

1985Grenzland-Theater, Aachen, Germany
1985Gallery Seitenwind, Aachen, Germany
1985Arts Painter Market Dortmund, Germany (Winner)
1988Gallery Tram Depot Dortmund, Germany
1989-1990own Gallery Babel Cologne, Germany
1991Construction Compagny Hoch-Tief AG Muenster, Germany
1992Museum Olivandenhof Cologne, Germany
1993Museum Gustav-Siegel-House Stuttgart, Germany
1993-1994Gallery Meersmann Duisburg, Germany
1994Exhibition "Land-Art" Unna, Germany
1995-1996Museum Aula Carolina Aachen, Germany
1998Gallery Sued Magdeburg,Germany
1998Goteborg, Sweden
2000Expo 2000 Hannover (Yemen Pavilion)
2000Gallery Salvatore Orrù Lippstadt, Germany
2003Technology-Center of Medical Departement, University of Cologne, Germany
2006Gallery Speicher 1 Bremen, Germany
2007Lime-Manufacturing H. Oetelshofen Wuppertal, Germany
2012Exhibition 48 hours Art nonstop Hanover, Germany
2012Gallery kaga-Haus Hanover, Germany
2013Hotel Westerfeld Hemmingen, Germany
2013Gallery G7 Hanover, German
2014Engineering Works Isernhäger, Isernhagen
2014/2015Tent of the Dutch magician Hans Klok, Hanover
2015Bakery Broterbe Gaues, Hanover, Germany
2015Expo 2015 Milano, Italy (planned)


The ideas for his work are influenced by his childhood as well as good and bad experiences of his subsequent life. He not only processes personal conflicts, spontaneous moments, poetry, actions and inspirations of daily struggle for survival, but also of political events. His style is intensely abstract.

He developed his drawings and paintings from the Arabic script with its sweeping arcs, lines and points. They perfectly fit together like notes which create musically small aphoristic songs to even huge symphonies of color. His drawings with felt tip and pencil are plain, yet targeted a color, preferably green, blue and orange tones. His art communicates aesthetically and emotionally a special romance.

He combines the styles of the Orient and the Occident in a sympathetic, yet critical way.